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Benefits Of Off-Season Training For Volleyball Athletes'

Athlete Performance’s focus is to know and understand the crucial factors that work to improve performance as a volleyball player. These factors include strength, speed, vertical jump ability and explosive power. We also understand the lifestyle of adolescent volleyball players and the lack of time they have throughout the day to dedicate to strength and conditioning. Nonetheless, the off-season is the optimal time period for overall performance gains.

  • Balasas, at al., also recognizes this and conducted at study, “An off-season plyometric and resistance training programme to improve vertical jump ability in adolescent females,” To pinpoint what performance adaptations occur when a strict program is followed within the off-season. Stojanovic and Kostic [37] reported that 8 weeks of plyometric training can affect positively the explosiveness type of the muscles which leads to vertical jump height increase. In addition, Fathi et al. [12] have shown that 16 weeks of combined resistance and plyometric training improved sprint time and vertical jump more than plyometric training alone in male adolescent volleyball players. Balasas, at al. results showed, “considerable vertical jump height and power increases, suggesting it is feasible to achieve such gains, thus increasing the chances of successful game performance.” Balasas also stated that “volleyball coaches are encouraged to more effectively utilize off-season as a conditioning opportunity, assisting in better preparation of the players as well as allow more time to focus on the tactical elements of the game in-season.

The coaches at Athlete Performance take into consideration age, physical maturity, years of resistance training and years within their sport when designing programs. Our main goals in the off-season are to increase force production and neuromuscular control, both goals are achievable with the proper programming that not only prepares the athletes for the demands of their sport, but also reduces the risk of injury. We will work to improve all aspects of sports performance by individualizing resistance training programs, and sport specific plyometrics. Progress within the program will be measured objectively through Athlete Performance’s MET assessment protocol.

Off-season training is a time to direct attention to the physical aspect of the game. Movements become more fluid and energy leaks are minimized. Make sure to take advantage of this time!

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