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  • Does my membership renew each month?
    Yes, memberships are on an automatic renewal system. They will reload each month on the purchase date.
  • How do I cancel or pause my membership?
    To cancel the membership login to Athlete Performance account and click on the profile icon. Under the billing tab you’ll be able to view your active memberships and can cancel there. To pause please email When a membership is paused we can resume it at a prorated price. Pauses will not last past 60 days. After that the membership is canceled and needs to be re-purchased
  • Dependents
    You can add dependents to your account with our without a login. If you add a login (email – real or fake) your child/athlete will be able to schedule from their device. If NO login is made all scheduling is done from the head account
  • Sibling Discounts
    We offer sibling discounts for 2nd and 3rd & (20% for the second and 40% for the 3rd. These are applies at the checkout. Code will be given out by Athlete Performance staff. Discounts only apply to the Blue or Grey Memberships
  • Visits. How to view or cancel?
    To view scheduled or attended sessions. Login to account and click on the “My Stuff” tab. Go under the “Visits” option. To view your dependents. Login using their login. If they do not have a login click on the “Dependents” option under your “My Stuff” tab. Click on the box with and arrow in it to sign in under their account. From there you will be able to view all sessions To cancel. Click on the gear icon next to the session you wish to cancel or on the Athlete Performance app click on the appointments tab and cancel there
  • Refunds
    We will issues refunds up to 2 months. All sessions after that will be credited to the account. This is stated in the wavier form when scheduling, and when a membership is purchased.
  • Do sessions roll over into the next month?
    No. However, we strive to give each athlete the opportunity to get better and reach their goals. We also understand life happens so please reach out and we will make it work.
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