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Athlete Programs

Here at Athlete Performance we pride ourselves in building all around athletes. Focusing on the small details, allowing us to improve performance, reduce the risk of injury, but foster a positive relationship with resistance training. Our “Athlete Interval” training format places the correct emphasis on developing motor patterns, energy systems, and strength in a linear fashion. This ensures we are always moving forward in a positive direction towards each athletes individual goals.

MET Assessment

The MET assessment is the foundation for all program designs and application at Athlete Performance. With the information gathered, we develop a needs analysis that highlights both areas of strength and improvement. Athletes then begin with the Starter Package. This is where programs are then structured to address those needs and continuously adapted for performance enhancement

When to Start

Questions about what age to start resistance training at? Over the years we have done extensive research and attended multiple strength and conditioning conferences. The LTAD (Long Term Athletic Development) model has become the most widely used and renowned for proper development of youth athletes. It is a marathon not a sprint. With the 7 stages of the LTAD model for our foundation, we have continued to build and improve upon it to best suit the youth athletes in the gym.


Membership Options

Starter Package

5 Semi-Private / 3 Small Group Sessions


The Starter Package is how we begin the training process. This comes before all memberships for NEW athletes! Utilizing the MET assessment results, our coaches can begin to put a program together. Athletes start with 5 semi-private training session, and then move into a small group setting. This is to ensure proper form and technique with each exercise variation. It also allows us as coaches to better develop and tailor a program to each individual.

Blue Membership

Unlimited Training


The Blue Membership allows for athletes to train 3x or more per week. This type of program is where athletes will see tremendous improvements. Programs are set up in a linear fashion, building on each other from one phase to the next. This keeps the programming fresh and adaptable

Grey Membership

2x per Week Training


Our Grey Membership is a great starting point for all athletes. It allows for the development of specific motor patterns identified in the MET assessment, along with focusing on the development of strength and power.

White Membership

1x per Week Training


Keep the momentum. The White Membership is an excellent in-season option for those looking to maintain all of the hard work they put in. It also is a fantastic option for youth athletes’ just getting started in resistance training

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